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10/6 LGA brings US & NC House candidates to Lake Gaston - DETAILS



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The majority of LGA's work is done at the committee level.  Issues or concerns affecting the lake and our members generally fall under one or more of our committees, depending on the nature and scope.  As a board, the LGA directs its efforts to those issues of a lake-wide nature, but county specific issues are addressed by the five county directors.  Our activities tend to fall within one of the areas designated in our "Focus Items" link. 


In February 2006 the LGA surveyed its members via email to solicit input on the areas the LGA should rank as a top priority for activity.  The Results of the Focus Items Survey are provided HERE


Our Directors meet monthly at 9:30 AM, the first Wednesday of each month to conduct the business of the Association.  Our Annual Meeting is held the 2nd Saturday in June.  Our Monthly and Annual meetings Board meetings are open to the public and press as well as our members.  They are held at the Lake Gaston Baptist Church on Route 903, just north of the Eaton Ferry Bridge.  Please come and bring a neighbor!  To view the agenda, click HERE.




Some of the past and current activity where the LGA has become involved, represented, and influenced decision makers on issues and concerns include: aquatic weed control, community and water safety, environmental issues, fishing quality, water levels, boating safety, county services, government funding, taxes, land and water zoning, and the past relicensing process. This link will provide a better understanding of the activities and accomplishments of the LGA.  ACTIVITIES

All Lake Gaston residents are encouraged to join & support the LGA in its efforts to protect and enhance property values and Lake enjoyment.  To see the benefits of membership, visit our Membership Link, or click here:  BENEFITS

As always, the LGA encourages Lake Gaston residents to exercise their privilege and right to vote in their state and county elections.  For a list of Lake Gaston area Elected Officials, visit our Government link, or
click here.