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Lake Gaston Weed Control Council

History of Treatment and Chemical Purchase Contracts


Contracts For An Aquatic Plant Management Program


The first five year contract with Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control was approved upon revisions to include recommended clarifications by the Lake Gaston Weed Control Council at a meeting April 3, 1996.  A representative of N. C. Dept. of Water Resources, along with input from representatives from the LGWCC, negotiated the contract with ANPC.  Costs were $49 per treated surface acre with a $30,000 management fee.  This contract expired December 31, 2000.  


On December 27, 2000 the Lake Gaston Weed Control Council Board approved having representatives of the LGWCC meet with ANPC to discuss renewal of the contract.  This included extending the current contract for five months.  The contract was renewed in July for a second five year term ending December 31, 2005.  Costs were the same as the first contract.


On October 12, 2005 the LGWCC Board approved the Contract Committee attempting to negotiate a one year contract with ANPC for 2006.  On January 4th, 2006 the Contract Committee reported being unable to negotiate a one year contract for 2006.  The Committee then recommended proceeding with solicitation of sealed bids for treatment year 2006.  Board approval was received.  At the February 22, 2006 meeting the Contract Committee reported sending out five proposals.  Three bids were received.  ANPC was solicited, but did not bid.  The Committee recommended continued negotiation for a contract with Professional Lake Management. This was approved by the Board.  At the meeting of March 29, 2006 the negotiated contract for the year 2006 was presented to, and approved by, the Board.  This contract will expire December 31, 2006, but contains an option to renew.  Costs were $52 per surface acre for liquid application and $59 per surface acre for granular application with a $25,000 lake management fee (administration and service).


Chemical Purchasing


The LGWCC is responsible for procurement of and payment for all chemicals used in connection with these treatments.  Each year the LGWCC sends out for quotes to two to four suppliers.  LGWCC normally accepts the low bid for the chemicals used.  Recent quotes for bids on chemicals have been the same for the chemicals used.  All of these chemicals are manufactured by SePro and are agency priced.


Cost with Acres Treated and Fall Ground Truthed  Survey                          


Ground Truthed


Application, etc. Chemicals    Fluridone Acres   Fall Vegetated Acres
2002 $110,376 (ANPC) $229,467 (Cyg)  608    3,458
2003 $212,583 (ANPC)  $353,336 (Cyg) 1,152   2,438
2004 $214,225 (ANPC)  $393,101 (Cyg) 1,033     2,9093,863
2005 $194,877 (ANPC)  $388,926 (Cyg)   802    
2006                 (PLM)                (Cyg)    985 projected   


Richard Hinterman is President of ANPC and Cygnet

Chris Cheek is President of PLM


John Slaton June 16, 2006


Lake Gaston Invasive Vegetation Information

Year  Invasive Vegetated Acres    Treated Acres  Grass Carp ANPC (LGWCC)   Private
2003  3,174 (Dom. Flyover) X 8  25,392 (added Oct.- Nov.)      
2003  2,438 (Satellite Imagery)  1,217 (successful)   200+    
2004  2,909 (Satellite Imagery) 1,076 (successful) 300+  None  
2004  471 Increase (Satellite Imagery)        


Grass carp, at 8 per/acre, were put in based on the Dominion Flyover estimated acreage of 3,174     During this same year, 2003, ANPC and LGWCC were investigating using satellite imagery to more accurately measure and illustrate invasive vegetated acres (2,438).  Both agreed this would provide better results year to year and $20,000 was included and approved for the 2004 budget year.  We plan to continue to use this in future years.  Dominion no longer does a flyover.


The 471 acres increase, for 2004, in invasive vegetated acres was confirmed by satellite and visual observations. Details are reviewed and shown in ANPCs 2004 Satellite Imagery/Ground Survey -  Invasive Vegetation Mapping -  Final Report   Other sources for this information were, John Madsens Assessment Report for 2004, LGWCC approved budget for 2004 and Dominion/ANPC private treatment documents