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  LEM Checklist

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Environment Minutes
LEM Checklist




Lake Environmental Monitors (LEM)

LGA Recommended Checklist 


Please note any unusual occurrences such as:

  • Runoff from a construction area causing siltation

  •  Appearance of foam like substances

  •  Concentrations of trash, Waste/sewer leakage, or Odiferous water or drainage

  • Numerous floating/dead fish or birds

  • Floating or submerged debris (from fallen trees or near water construction)

  • Boats, water toys or other recreation items that are adrift

  • Buoys not operating properly or out of position

When making a log of occurrences or preparing to report issues, please make a record of the location such as north or south shore of which creek or cove or by a map location or GPS coordinates.


Items 1, 2, and 3 - Please report to:

Dominion Power Nancy Hux at (252) 535-6899.and


North Carolina:

NC Dept of Water Quality (919) 791-4200 ; 

weekends and emergencies (800) 858-0368



Brunswick Co:      Department of Environmental Quality (804) 527-5042 or 527-5173

Mecklenburg Co:  Department of Environmental Quality (434) 582-6233 / 6236


Items 4 or 5 - Please report to the appropriate Wildlife or Game Dept

North Carolina:  (800) 662-7137

Virginia:             (800) 237-5712


Items 6 -  Please secure or flag those adrift articles

If an item has a registry number record and contact appropriate Wildlife or Game Dept. 


Missing or Damaged Buoys:


Mile markers email jackdsaunders@earthlink.net , and

Dominion Power at (252) 535-6161 ext 3.

Danger/Hazard Buoys in North Carolina call 1-919-707-0150

Danger/Hazard Buoys in Brunswick County, VA call 1-434-636-2025

Danger/Hazard Buoys in Mecklenburg Cty, VA call the County Administrator  1-434-738-6191


Also please note any new patterns or abundance of noxious plants or native plants.


Please note any activity / presence by triploid carp.


Please provide collected information regarding plant patterns or carp on a monthly basis to the County captain.


Safe Boating:  If you observe specific violations of safe boating rules or criminal activity contact the nearest law enforcement or wildlife enforcement office.   


Contact Info:

Emergency Medical Services or Fire Emergencies call 911 and explain where you are. 


Sheriff Departments: 


               Brunswick     (434) 848-3133 or (800) 8484-3199;

               Mecklenburg (434) 738-6171

North Carolina: 

              Halifax             (252) 583-8521

              Northampton   (252) 534-2611

              Warren            (252) 257-3364




Maritime VHF radio is recommended for emergency communication with USCG, NC Wildlife, VA DGIF, county law enforcement and LGWSC equipped monitoring stations on the lake

  • Make sure VHF radio is on

  • Select Channel 16

  • Press/Hold the transmit button

  • clearly say: Mayday, mayday, mayday

  • Also give: 

    •      Vessel name/description

    •      Position and/or location

    •      Nature of emergency

    •      Number of persons on board

  • Release transmit button

  • Wait for 10 seconds if no response repeat mayday call