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10/6 LGA brings US & NC House candidates to Lake Gaston - DETAILS




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  •   Positions taken by LGA:

  • Against Curbside Pickup in Warren County (01/25/06). (All Waste Centers in Warren County would be closed. Curbside pickup did not include private roads. Bins would need to be rolled to nearest county road for trash pickup – a mile away for many; bins would need to get back to residence, a favor from neighbors if part-time resident. Cost to tax payer $220 per year. FYI: Public Hearing courtroom was crammed with protesters, mostly non-lake residents.)

  • LGA submitted their “Recommended Lake Gaston Management Plan” (02/15/06) that was prepared by LGA Aquatic Weed Committee to both Lake Gaston Weed Control Council (LGWCC) and Lake Gaston Stakeholders Board (LGSB - advisors to LGWCC) requesting 15 sterile grass carp per infested acre in Lake Gaston. (Technical Advisory Group of LGSB recommends 10 per infested acre in Lake Gaston rather than 15. LGWCC awaiting results of joint USDA and USCOE 2006 Study of Lake Gaston)

  • Against installation of Restrictive Buoys in Poplar Creek without input from those affected (05/02/06) (Wrote letter to Brunswick county Board of Supervisors, copying counterparts in Mecklenburg, Warren, Northampton and Halifax Counties expressing concern that buoys were installed without chance of public input. Faxed Mecklenburg’s copy to them in time for their monthly meeting May 8. Brunswick County Board of Supervisors Public Hearing on 07/19/06. Outcome: Brunswick County agreed to send request to Department of Game and Inland Fisheries to remove buoys who denied removal but reduced area affected by restrictive buoys.

  • Against proposed tolls on I-95, N.C. (05/10/06). (Members traveling from east of I-95 to Lake Gaston would have to pay toll. Letter sent to all N.C. Senators and Representatives.)

  • For rezoning request of Stonehouse Timber Lodge’s property to lake business (06/04/06)

  • Against Glenn Barbour’s make up of the proposed Five County Lake Gaston Commission (10/04/06.) (Suggested that LGA is already organized for that purpose. We received a number of positive email responses from our membership on our position.)

  • Lake Environment Monitors: Are also watching exclosures installed by the Army Corps of engineers who are studying grass carp and vegetation in the lake.

  • Lake Environment Committee is coordinating an Erosion and Sedimentation meeting for early November with representatives from five lake counties and state environment organizations. Goal – consistent erosion and sedimentation controls across the five counties.

  • Candidate forums held: Warren County 04/20/06 and 04/27/06; Halifax County 04/25/06; and Northampton County 10/18/06.

  • Surveys conducted: Special Service Tax District 02/16/06; LGA Focus Items 02/20/06; 2006 Membership and Public 04/06/06; and members whose membership expired at the end of 2005.

  • Membership: HOA discount reinstated; Lifetime membership at $250 added; Sea\\Tow membership discount

  • Bi-Monthly Bulletin: is celebrating its first year in the new format and bringing you news more frequently.

  • Emails to members bringing you news as it happens: Examples such as – Public Hearings (Development affecting Brunswick & Warren County; Curbside pickup, various requests for rezoning from residential to neighborhood business; Warren County new flood insurance details; Copies of positions taken; Restrictive buoys in Poplar Creek; Brunswick County Tax Rally; Halifax Co. public session to discuss SSTD; non-emergency lake level advisories; monthly meeting reminders; latest Bulletin available on website. 

  • Executive Director’s monthly columns: Have appeared in five local lake newspapers the last Wednesday of every month (since 08/24/05) and on WZRU 90.1 & 90.5 FM to increase LGA’s presence in the community. 

  • Website: We really are making an effort to keep our website up-to-date. Especially making sure the latest committee minutes are there – that’s where you will find out about all our work efforts in each of the committees. Go to www.lakegastonassoc.com