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LGA Accomplishments 2005 and Prior


Ø LGA Directors continue involvement in numerous county & state boards and commissions.

Ø Represented property owners to the Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) in opposition of the 2003 Flood Zone remapping, resulting in FEMA expediting the map amendment (LOMA) process for Lake Gaston.

Ø Hosted candidate forums at the county & state level for citizens’ education.

Ø Sponsored a 5-county meeting in 2004 to bring the Economic Development Officials together to discuss the future of lake area development & county plans.


Ø Created and organized the LGA Weed Monitors Group to support the Lake Gaston Weed Control Council in determining the growth patterns of aquatic weeds, primarily Hydrilla, and effectiveness of treatments.

Ø Authored, printed and distributed the educational publication on the historical perspective of Hydrilla control and the impact and effect of having Special Service Tax Districts for weed control.

Ø Took a leadership role in the establishment of the Lake Gaston Stakeholders Board - an organization of national experts in noxious weeds, government representation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, lake organizations and others - to help manage the aquatic plant growth in Lake Gaston.

Ø Funded a legal research and review of Dominion’s potential responsibility for weed control funding.


Ø Created the LGAlert Program, a system of prompt communication with subdivisions, members and the public to warn against threatening weather and lake levels that could affect personal safety & damage to boats & docks.

Ø LGA Directors from Brunswick called a town meeting in 1997 resulting in the Brunswick County Lake Gaston Water Safety Committee.

Ø Instrumental in securing the Warren County Sheriff's Substation at the Lake Gaston Chamber office.

Ø Worked against hazardous boat racing on Lake Gaston.

Ø Initiated the program for Dominion to fund and install the mile marker buoys on Lake Gaston.

Ø Worked to support the creation of the Lake Gaston Neighborhood Watch program.

Ø Influential in the counties decision to implement E-911 phone number and addresses around the Lake.

Ø Participated in both of the Emergency Preparedness Team / Network for both Kerr Dam & Lake Gaston Dam.


Ø Served as the “voice” of Lake Gaston property owners on the Federal Energy Regulatory Relicensing Committee through the eight-year process of renewing Dominion’s license to operate the lakes and dams.  Under FERC’s new operating License, the LGA successfully negotiated

·   “grandfather” rights for adjoining property owners to maintain pre-existing grass lawns on Dominion’s Property, and maintain non-conforming boathouses and bulkheads

·   the ability to landscape (after application approval) and clear out underbrush on Dominion’s property, and cut limbs to create an open “window” through the trees from 2’ to 20’ above  ground. 


Ø Helped prevent the 2001 attempt by Kinder-Morgan for an inter-basin water transfer out of Lake Gaston.

Ø Held influential position on the US Army Corps Task Force on Water Management for Lake Gaston, and prevented the lowering of our lake’s water level during the major drought of 2002.

Ø Through LGA assertion and action in 2004-5, Dominion and SEPA improved communications and operating procedures to better maintain a more constant water level in Lake Gaston.


Ø The LGA has sponsored & co-sponsored many seminars and forums.

·   Co-sponsored with Striper Club the 2003 Forum on Lake Gaston’s Fishing.

·   Sponsored Public Tax Seminar in 2001 & invited representatives from all five counties to speak.

·   Hosted several Candidate Election forums at the county & state levels.

·   Hosted 2005 public forum on home fire dangers and wildfire threats.


Ø Instrumental in the 2003 erection of the Henderson NOAA emergency/weather broadcasting tower.

Ø LGA efforts resulted in the erection of a cell phone tower in Littleton to improve area coverage.

Ø Resolved to five county governments our support of animal protection and the safety of handlers.

Ø Negotiated discount & weekend only rates for members using Telpage as their internet service provider.

Ø LGA education initiative to put volunteers in touch with local school needs.